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    Breast reduction - pre-operative matters


    Have you decided to try cosmetic procedures and minimise your breasts size? It goes without saying that woman's self-image depends on her face and figure, especially on breasts. Before you order rasvaimu in well-known medical centre, you should learn more about pre-operative matters. Why is it so important to have many pre-matters procedures before operation breast reduction? In addition, why doctors recommend combining lihavuusleikkaus with breast reduction? You may read about everything actual in plastic surgery.

    Pre-operative maters – consultation

    Professional doctor has to determine the degree of possible breast sagging and evaluates the elasticity of the skin envelope of patients breast. The patients will be informed of the optimal surgical reduction techniques, alternative techniques, about the possibility to loss of breast sensation on nipples area, some impairments of breast-feeding function. It is so important to get ready to appearance of consequent surgical scars, possible medical aftermath complications and, finally, averages outcome of breast-reduction cosmetic surgery. Doctor will may show the photo of different results after successful and not successful plastic surgery. If the patient scared and is afraid of negative aftermaths, surgical breast-reduction procedure could be performed any time later.

    Anaesthestic preparation

    Good anaestethstic preparation can limit’s the bleeding during the plastic reduction operation. Doctor will choose an optimal anaesthetise. After that personal surgeon establishes the measures of the breasts in order to determine the right degrees of cosmetic correction. It is important to determine correctly to avoid any asymmetries after operation.

    More about operative technique

    Reduction mammo-plasty can be performed by two similar techniques. Simple technique always used for a first-level reduction. Another difficult technique used more rare to satisfactorily reducing the size of the very huge breasts.

    In addition, do not forget about post-operative matters, especially convalescence and complications. Early complications include hematoma and infection, late complications – un satisfactory breast-volume reduction and blood outside the vascular system. The newest medical practises usually help to avoid negative and difficult complications. So, are you ready to change your breasts size right now?

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